High-quality, eco-friendly office cleaning services

Damayan Cleaning Cooperative launched on September 27th, 2015! Please check out the inspirational press on our cooperative by the Laura Flanders Show, Al JazeeraYes! Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor.

Announcement, August 3, 2016: After one and a half years of learning, organizing Filipino low wage workers, and developing our Cooperative together, we are parting ways with Damayan Migrant Workers Association. We are grateful for all our shared efforts, collaborative learning and deep relationships, and are full of hope and respect. Through this transition, our Cooperative will be changing our name: Please stay tuned for our re-branding!

Mission & Vision: 
Damayan Cleaning Cooperative is a worker-owned business whose mission is to create sustainable, just and healthy workplaces for our community, clients and member-owners. We are committed to providing high quality, eco-friendly office cleaning services while creating stable and decent jobs through promotion of democratic decision-making, education and living wages.

Worker-owned: As members in a cooperative, worker-owners have the incentive to work hard and make our business successful. In contrast to most businesses, our cooperative guarantees a living wage and opportunities for education and growth.

Eco-friendly: Clean, fresh and hygienic offices are essential for  your staff and clients’ satisfaction, productivity and health. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for the benefit of your physical office space, your staff and clients, the environment, and us as cleaners.

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